Custom Designs Gallery


The Play Money Flagship Series 7582 Converse.

Black Leather Converse Hi-top with 18K Gold liquid gold leaf hand-drawn illustration. The illustration is inspired by the $100 bank note motif and a caricature of the Play Money icon "Franklyn" the pig.


Natural Python Custom Nike AF1

Custom High Top Nike Air Force 1 featuring authentic Python leather panels. The shoe has been de-constructed and sewn back together by hand with a high attention to detail and clean craftsmanship. Book a consultation to learn about the multiple color/lather applications that we can create exclusively for you!


Italian Sole Swap

We replaced the original black rubber sole on this Italian Black Leather Monk Strap shoe with a signature Electric Red Vibram sole. Re-invent your footwear with our Sole Swap service! We will work with almost any style dress shoe, sneaker, or boot! Vibram soles are available in a variety of colors, thickness and styles. Contact us for more details.


Vans Glitter baby

Because we spoil our kids as much as we spoil ourselves! Custom Vans Hi-Top laced with glitter, hand placed birth stone Swarovski Crystal accents and a pop of color on the sole trim.



Dr. Martens 1460 8-eye Leather boots with custom two layer leather typography appliqué. The words "Rare" on one boot and "Sole" on the other, shown in throwback graffti lettering made out of black Sting Ray and Cobra.